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Roma. Nuovo Murales in Via del Porto Fluviale


10 X 10 by Emiliano Ponzi

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Mario Alberti, Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are totally speechless!! Thank you Mario for this homage!!
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Ogni tanto posto anche sul mio blog dei Segni, quello delle illustrazioni.

Secondo i dati raccolti dall’American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, Bone, la celebre saga fantasy creata da Jeff Smith, è alla posizione numero 10 nella classifica 2013 dei dieci libri di cui è stata maggiormente contestata la presenza – con conseguente rimozione, o particolare controllo nella somministrazione – nelle biblioteche americane


Meet the real men and women that inspired some of our favorite #MadMen characters:

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Shortly after completing the serialization of Sergio Ponchione's surreal masterpiece Grotesque, we came across portions of his project DKW: Ditko Kirby Wood on his blog, and we immediately knew we had to bring this phenomenal work to American readers. A loving tribute to Steve, Jack, and Wally, DKW tells their stories with astounding, eye-popping, trippy visuals that transport you inside the imaginations of these three master comics-makers.

We’re pleased to present DKW as a one-shot comic book coming to comic shops this July! Look for it in the May issue of Previews, out in two weeks, and demand it from your local retailer.